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Episode 8 Show Notes - The Godfather of Nerds

The World of Comics and the Man who made it

Just days away from the Super Bowl of nerds, and we are giving you more of what you crave! We give you all the latest comic con news in our Road to Comic Con. Then we finish that off with some final tips and suggestions for how to get the best out of Comic Con. We then tackle one of the most well known aspects of any convention, the Cosplay. We give you do's and don'ts for how to pull off a successful day of cosplaying. Finally we give just a brief introduction to the Man who could be credited with all of this, Will Eisner. So sit back and let us blow your mind with all the wonder we bring in episode 8.

News from Around the Nerd: The Road to Comic Con

San Diego is getting her game face on for the big week!

Hall H and the line that never ends! If you are planning on camping out for Hall H this year in order to get a front row seat, you may want to rethink your game plan.  SDCC has made some changes to the line rules and they will kick you out if you try to line up or start camping too soon.

Can't wait for next year? After you get your badge for this year you can get your registration all taken care of for 2014's badge sale.

Ballroom 20: the Little Giant

Ballroom 20 is set to have some major panels this year. the really big ones that we are these:

Thursday: Sherlock, Psych

Friday: Agents of SHIELD, Joss Whedon, and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Saturday: True Blood, Arrow

Presenting the 25th Annual Eisner Awards

The Eisner awards are the Oscars for the comic book Industry. They are awards that celebrate the best of the best in a wide variety of fields in the comics industry. The awards celebrate everything from best short story, best publication for kids, to best archival project. Many of these awards will be presented by some of your favorite actors and celebrities including: Edward James Olmos, Neil Gaiman, and John Barrowman. Click here for a full list of the nominees.

Nerdology: Cosplay

Cosplay is a major part of Comic Con and can be great fun. With that in mind, here are some do's and don'ts for how to cosplay and how to interact with cosplayers.

Will Eisner: The Godfather of Nerd

It is hard to imagine what the comic industry would look without the contribution of Will Eisner. He pioneered the long form "Graphic Novel" and everything that is related to that. He is also responsible for some of the greatest works to have ever been published in the comics industry including A Contract with God and The Spirit. This week we pay homage to Mr. Eisner and all of his many works.

Who Wins:

This week, we battle two street level heroes who owe a lot to the man himself Will Eisner, the Spirit and Daredevil! Will Bryan's winning streak continue, or will Bless finally get a win?

the Spirit



Stay Tune for all the updates that we will be tweeting and posting live from Comic Con, all this week!

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