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Episode 7 Show Notes - Masks will fall from the overhead compartment!

Who Is That Masked Man?

This week we hit the road and get you ready for Comic Con with our News from around the Nerd Special Edition, Road to Comic Con. Then we stop short of peaking behind the mask and delve into our favorite and least favorite masks in popular culture. Our focus on masks takes us right to the original masked hero, The Lone Ranger. We will dissect his newest film and see if it is worthy of the name. Then Finally we will enter the nerd arena for this weeks epic battle of masks in Who Wins.

News from around the nerd: Road to Comic Con

One Comic Con Exclusive to rule them all! This is the one that will cause me to empty my bank account if I need to. Toys R Us has announced two exclusive generation 1 Transformers that will be for sale at Comic Con. You can get your hands on Acid Storm for $75 or the greatest Transformer toy ever, Sound Wave for $120. It is my precious!

DC Comics is bringing their A game to comic con this year and setting up a 4500 sqft booth at the "show". With displays set up to promote the 75th anniversary of Superman, you can expect some cool stuff here. Some of the coolness includes a set of Superman Costumes worn by various actors who have portrayed the Man of Steel on TV and in the movies.

Finally, with Comic Con nearly here, it is important to plan your day, so here are the schedules for you to make the best of your day!

The Bad News

This week, our bad news story is actually hilarious! It is just bad for the poor guy testifying in the Zimmerman case


No, we are aren't debating the name of this segment. Maybe we can do that next week. This week we discuss Crossovers and Crossover events.  Are they good or bad? Have they gone too far or not far enough? What do you think? If you are curious why Bryan was up in arms about this, check out Marvels latest crossover plans.


This week we told you our picks for best, worst, and most iconic masks. Do you agree with us, or think we missed the mark?

Best Masks

Worst Masks

Most Iconic Masks


This week we talk Lone Ranger. Did the masked man live up to the legend? Was the star power of Johnny Depp enough to make this a winner? Or was the attempt to make Pirates of the Caribbean on land a failure from the get go? Hear what we think, then let us know if you agree.

Who Wins

This week our battle of nerds is taking the best good guy masks, and the best bad guy masks that pop culture has to off. Who will win as we decide the fate of masks everywhere!

Good Masks

Bad Masks

Cool Links

Don't Worry, we didn't forget about masked wrestling. Here are 50 of the greatest!

And for those who had never heard of him, here is the original Lone Ranger!

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