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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 5 - Show Notes THE REMAKENING!

Remakes and ReRemakes

This week on Good Nerd bad Nerd it is all about the remakes! Those gems from the 80's that just had to get a second chance. And those movies that scarred us deeply and just won't stay dead. We look at them all this week, as well as focus on Channing Tatum, star of more remakes than should be allowed! Plus we give you the best and worst news the world of nerdom has to offer.
The News

The sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man has had a busy week! Two more movies have already been green lit, a major character was pushed back to the third movie, that actress was "allegedly" fired, then that part was "allegedly" recast, then that character was "allegedly" brought back to the second film. Good news for some and bad news for others. Hopefully this means the fans will get a movie they will enjoy. What is the truth, what is speculation, and are they trying to mislead the public in order to try and keep a surprise or two?

Can't wait to see the costumes that the villains will be wearing? Hopefully it won't look like the Julie Taymore Broadway mess!

In a startling reversal of their announced plans for the Xbox One, Microsoft has released an apology letter to the gaming industry and Xbox fans everywhere. It turns out, gamers don't like to be told how to play their games. Microsoft tries something from the PS4 playbook and tries to remove the foot from its mouth.

Do you feel like you movies and the movie industry are in danger? Speilberg and Lucas would agree with you! Of course their solution might mean paying upwards of $150 for tickets to certain movies, like say Robo Appocalypse in 2014?

Mr. Channing "Magic Mike" Tatum

With a list of nerd cred that is growing quickly, Channing Tatum is quickly becoming a household name in the Nerd genre as much as he is in the Rom-Com genre. His roles in 21 jump street, both GI Joe films (he really can't be blamed for the first film), and now He Man are setting him apart as a go to name for nerd films and remakes. But is he right for the role? Will he bring glory to Eternia as He Man, or will the curse of the first GI Joe movie hit here as well?

Speaking of He Man, I felt that now was the time for a little He Man awesomeness!

A trailer for the Masters of the Universe movie for good measure

For other movies that are currently in the process of being remade, check out this link here. Remember, this barely scratches the surface of what is really out there.

Who Wins: A-Team vs. Ghostbusters
Who are you going to call for a plan to come together?

The A-Team

The Ghostbusters

Random Coolness
Like always, there is tons of cool crap we didn't get to so make sure to check out some of these links below to keep up on all the crazy stuff going on!

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  1. I would have to agree that The Last Starfighter would be an awesome remake. I'd like to see a remake of not a movie, but a cartoon series... M.A.S.K. It was awesome and could be awesome again. Lots of cool toys with it as well. Endless possibilities. I would NOT like to see a remake of The Navigator, or The Never Ending Story, though I understand that BOTH are in the works. Ughhh....

  2. Speaking of cartoons, a remake of the amazing british spy cartoon Danger Mouse is currently in the works. Check out the wikipedia article on it if you are unfamiliar with it, but this is something to look forward to!

  3. I remember seeing Danger Mouse! That's really cool.