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Good Nerd Bad Nerd Episode 4 - Show Notes

In Episode 4 we get down and dirty with all that the world of technology and robots has to offer. Here are some of the best things that the world of nerd had to offer this week.

Nerd News- The Good

This week had a lot of stuff in the good category including the Supreme courts ruling on if DNA is a technology that can be patented. Check out this article from io9 for more details.

With movie casting news being updated daily, we try and bring the coolest ones to your attention. That includes the addition of Colm Feore to The Amazing Spiderman 2 as Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture. Do we see the Sinister Six in our future? If you aren't sure who the Sinister Six are, head over to wikipedia for a little background info.

This week also gave us release dates for two more Marvel movies in Phase 3. Is Bryan right and one of these will be a Nova movie? Or is Bless right and it is Dr. Strange, and Bryan is delusional? You decide and let us know

Final good news from the week was for all the DC Universe online fans. Free downloads, free to play, and your characters will transfer! Some one out there is looking out for the gamers and Fans of DC comics, which is good since DC isn't.

Nerd News - The Bad

Why smell good, when you can smell like Stan Lee? 'Nuff Said!

DC, sometimes you make it so hard to be a fan. Why on Earth would you cancel anything Bruce Timm wanted to do for you! He has the midas touch with your properties! He prints you gold! This is a sad day to be a fan.

The Nerd Spot
E3, WWDC, and all the new ways for me to go broke!

From Apple we received a new airport extreme/time capsule, an upgraded mac book air, and a long awaited Mac Pro. Is it everything we hoped it would be? In some ways so much more, and in some ways less. What do you think?

Nerd Rage - Feel My Wrath!

This week Bryan felt that Guillermo Del Toro needed to be called out for destroying his childhood and ripping off an classic sci-fi movie.  Is Bryan loosing it or are these two movies closer than anyone wants to admit?

If that teaser wasn't enough and you have to get yourself all the Robot Jox action you can, head over to youtube and watch the full movie in all of its glory.

Who Wins - Rock Em Sock Em Fun
Marvin vs. Bender



That is all for this week, but if we missed something let us know. Also let us know who your favorite robot is and which robot needs to take a trip to the scrap heap!

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